I played the piano and mixed this!  Woot.


A lullaby from my band Life(Stream).

It’s funny how most songs out there on the market are love songs or breakup ballads, but we’ve never really entered that realm of songwriting at all. I have always found it difficult to write about something mundane (not that love or heartbreak is), and I tend to fall back on the fantastic. I can’t help but write about things that are as far from my own life as possible.

When a teacher of mine came and asked me to write a few lullabies for her soon-to-be-birthed baby, I thought it would be a neat chance for something new.

It turns out lullabies are some of the hardest songs to write, for the difficulty lies in the fact that they’ve been done to death. What is there to sing about that’s original? Needless to say, I tried my best to make sleep exciting. I think that we achieved something sleepy and nostalgic, but also mature enough that the child it was written for will be able to grow up and continue to enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy it to!