REVIVE is an experimental electronic music project featuring Kıvanç Tatar, Philippe Pasquier, and MASOM (featuring visuals by Remy Siu). MASOM is a musical agent, an artificial intelligence(AI) architecture for live performance. A sub-field of MuMe, musical agents are artificial agents that automatize musical creative tasks. Together, the three sonic performers and three visual agents produce a live performance of experimental electronic music, electroacoustic music, musique concrète, soundscape, through structured improvisation.

REVIVE explores the affordances of live interaction between the artificial musical agent MASOM, human electronic musicians, and visual generation agents. The Musical Agent based on Self-Organizing Maps (MASOM) has memorized sound objects and learned how to temporally structure them by listening to large corpora of human-made music. MASOM is then able to improvise live interacting with the other (human) performers by imitating the style of what it reminds it of. For each musician, a corresponding visual agent puts its sound and musical decision into images thus allowing the audience to see who does what. This reveals the musical gestures that are so often lost in electronic music performance.