“new notations – for [multi] player” is an interactive digital system designed to accommodate as many play-styles as possible. The work asks the players to explore a virtual space via hardware controls which transform their movement and actions to sound. Every performance will be different. A maximum of four players can explore this space together and collaborate with one another to sculpt an audio-visual performance.

The work rejects fixed paper scores, western notation, and traditional instruments for a mutable delivery system, game mechanics, and digital synthesis. As opposed to a one-way transmission of ideas from composer to score to performer, the system provides a space for the interests of the composer to be met—and interacted with—by the agency of the players.


“new notations” is an ongoing project designed to be played in performance and exhibited in a gallery context.

During every play-through, the software records player input. This allows for a “replay” of input to be fed back into the system in real-time. As the work continues to be performed, the database of recorded input increases in size. Future exhibition opportunities allow for entire performances to be recalled, or for “replays” to be mixed, creating large possibilities for variety.

Upcoming additions include accessibility options, networked/internet play, and a player powered by artificial intelligence.

new notations - for [multi] players (2019 - ongoing)

by Remy Siu + Paul Paroczai


  • new notations - for [three] players

    • Commissioned by Thin Edge New Music Collective

  • new notations - for [four] players

    • Commissioned by NADAR Ensemble

  • new notations - for [two] players

    • Commissioned by National Arts Centre Orchestra

new notations - for [multi] player is a real-time system. The audio and visual are made in TouchDesigner.

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.