early description / information (not final)

“new notations – for [multi] player” is a real-time interactive digital instrument designed to be played by anyone. The piece asks the players to explore a virtual space via hardware controls, their movement and actions resulting in sound output. A maximum of four players can explore this space together, collaborating with one another to sculpt a sound performance.

Designed to be played in performance and in “exhibition” gallery settings.

In exhibition setting, the work will be automated until someone activates it. The control will then be relinquished to the player(s). In many ways, it’s a room-scale “arcade game,” designed to be approached, played, while others look on.

More information coming soon…


  • new notations - for [three] players

    • Commissioned by Thin Edge New Music Collective

  • new notations - for [four] players

    • Commissioned by NADAR Ensemble

  • new notations - for [two] players

    • Commissioned by National Arts Centre Orchestra

with Paul Paroczai

Example of 3 players together.jpg