VISITORS FROM FAR AWAY TO THE STATE MACHINE is a multi-media space opera. Two aliens travel thousands of light years to Earth for their honeymoon. On their journey, they tease one another with sexy and profane stories from the past, present, and future.

performed by:
Felicia Lau Conor Wylie

Created and Written by:
Hong Kong Exile: Milton Lim, Remy Siu, Natalie Tin Yin Gan
with Felicia Lau & Conor Wylie
also featuring Ashley Aron & Derek Chan

Running time: 90 minutes


The apparatus for Visitors was created so that it could be performed by non-specialized performers. None of the performers are required to memorize lines, for example.

This work for me renewed my interest in the power of speculative fiction. I look to follow this trajectory into future projects where fiction and lying will play a central role to how I approach creating apparatuses for a performing arts context.

-Remy Siu


This production was commissioned and presented by Music on Main; it premiered at the Fox Cabaret in 2016.