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"7-7-49 // lingering still and feeling lucky" @ University of Delaware

Conductor Ian Christopher Passmore will be premiering my piece for orchestra: "7-7-49 // lingering still and feeling lucky." We met at the Atlantic Music Festival and hit it off! The piece will be performed as apart of his Masters graduation concert.

About the piece:

"7-7-49 // lingering still and feeling lucky" is an exploration of otherworldliness and restlessness.

It is believed by Tao Buddhists that your soul lingers on earth for 49 days after your death. This belief has manifested in certain Chinese funeral rituals. For example, the children and grandchildren of the deceased must not cut their hair for 49 days after the funeral.

Formally, this piece is structured around 49 events made of sampled voice material. This voice counts from 1 to 7, seven times, creating pillars for the piece. The harmonic material is largely static in an attempt to create a lack of direction. Silence is used to break expectations and "positive" flow.

It is my hope that this piece can touch on something strange, something cheeky, and with the end, something maddeningly peaceful.


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